Which Disney Character Are You?

Quiz Creator: Carley

Heads up! This is not your average personality quiz. No, this personality quiz is going to be the most magical quiz you’ve ever taken. That’s because it’s Disney!

You want to know (and we do, too!) whose personality yours most resembles in the Disney universe. Are you an optimist like Rapunzel or hard worker like Tiana? Could you be the opposite? Are pessimist like Eeyore or lazy like Sleepy? In just a few short questions, you’ll know. Do you like to stay home? Do you always speak up for yourself and your friends? Have woodland creatures ever joined you in song? These are just a few things that make up your magical personality.

So grab your Mickey Mouse ears and a Dole Whip! Let’s find out where your personality fits in the House of Mouse. Bibbidi-Bobbity-Boo!

Question 1

This is important! Who's your favorite member of the "Sensational Six?"

Question 2

Do you have a Disney+ subscription?

Question 3

You're starving and a mysterious, old woman offers you an apple. What do you do?

Question 6

You're alone in your room and a frog hops through your window. They explain that they are actually royalty who has been cursed and only your kiss can break the curse. What do you do?

Question 7

Choose a Disney song to make you feel inspired:

Question 8

You're in a magical cave: You can only take one of these things ... Which do you choose?

Question 10

Which of these basic skills would you be most interested to learn?

First Aid
Changing a tire

Question 12

You accidentally hit a car, but no one's around to see it. What do you do?

Question 15

"Is sarcasm a foreign language to you?" But, seriously is it?

Question 16

Is every issue black and white or is there a gray area?

Black & white
There's a certain amount of gray

Question 17

Which of your parents are/were you closer to?

My mom
My dad
Both equally
Neither, if I'm honest.

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