Do You Have an Attractive Face?

Quiz Creator: Alex Frost

The Golden Ratio is a set of proportions that play into how attractive someone’s face is. It is based on an ancient theoretical sequence. This sequence appears naturally in many forms, from the shape of animals to the leaves on trees or insect wings. Experts believe that the best way to see this is with a rectangle that is about one and a half times as wide as it is tall. In other words, the two smaller parts should equal the larger part when combined. If you’re an artist, you know drawing a face starts with boxes, so that means we can use the Golden Ratio to find the most attractive face, and we’ve done just that. It’s a bit weird to think about, but your beauty really boils down to some predetermined idea of how objects, people, and animals should look to the human eye.

Answer our questions and we’ll tell you if you have an attractive face. This is all in good fun, so don’t take the results too seriously no matter how good or bad! We think you’re beautiful no matter what the Golden Ratio says.

Question 2

Which of these shapes most resembles the shape of your face?


Question 5

How often do you use face masks?

Question 7

Do you smile or frown more?

I smile more!
I frown more!

Question 8

Do you have high, pronounced cheek bones?

Question 9

Do you have dimples?

Question 11

How much sleep do you get per night?

Question 15

Which of these haircuts best fits your face/look?

Short and curly
Longer curls
Down and wavy
Short and sporty

Question 16

Which of these colors would you never wear?

Light pink
Bright yellow
Royal blue
Yellow + pink

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