We Can Tell if Your Crush Actually Likes You

Quiz Creator: Alex Frost

We’ve all asked ourselves the same question at one point in our lives: Does my crush like me? It’s no surprise that this question intrigues us to the extent that it does. The answer holds a lot of weight. Is your crush your knight in shining armor? The strawberry to your shortcake? The one you want to marry? Or is none of that true and they’re actually secretly in love with your best friend? That’s what we’ll help you find out today!

When you’re caught up in your emotions, it’s hard to decide logically if your crush is really sending you hints that they’re interested or if they’re just being friendly the same way they are to everyone around them. Luckily for you, this quiz asks you a series of strategic questions that will cue us in on your crush’s true intentions. After taking this quiz, we’ll be able to tell you whether they like you back or not!

Think your crushing is crushing back on you? There’s only one way to find out. Take this quiz and know for sure!

Question 2

Does your crush ever compliment you? If so, what specifically do they say about you?

Question 5

What's the most intimate thing you guys have shared?

This thing we like to call a bed
Past life experiences
Inside jokes

Question 7

Let's take a step back. How did you and your crush meet?

Question 10

Have you or your crush told things to each other that no one knows?

Question 14

If you knew your crush didn't have anything to do over the weekend, and you asked them to hang out ...

Question 15

Does being around your crush make you nervous?

Question 16

If you had to give your crush a present, what would you choose?

A book
A kiss :)

Question 17

What's your absolute favorite thing about your crush?

Their smile
Their personality
Their body
How they make me feel!

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